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I am very inspired by my sensory issues as an autistic person. I would like to communicate visually through my sculptures and photographies in the way the the audiences can "feel the art with their eyes" through visual art.

Mould and Aspics

Mould and aspics

I gained inspirations from things around me that make me uncomfortable. I find mould extremely disgusting and grotesque because it spreads and grows fast. The mood spores are what particularly disgust me the most, especially if I accidentally touch it. I decided to grow old for this project to show their true disgusting and grotesque nature.

Aspics also disgust me. I do not like the texture of “meat jelly” in my mouth since I associate the idea of jelly with desserts, not savoury food, so the concept of “meat jelly” really makes me feel uncomfortable, although I have had savoury jelly in the past and it was a unpleasant experience, to say the least.