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All of the colour seen in my work is completely natural. I collected and ground up selected rocks to create strong pigments. There is immense beauty beneath our feet that gets overlooked, we just need to look a little closer.

Woven sample with hand-dyed fibres amongst greenery.
One of my six pigments and the rocks it was created from.

Value In The Overlooked

When I began this project I was interested in the abundance of mundane, overlooked natural objects that when examined more closely are not only extremely beautiful, but have valuable properties and untapped potential. I visited Hunstanton beach in Norfolk and collected fallen cliff material and pebbles from the beach. I then ground the cliff rocks into fine pigments and these formed the basis of all the colours I used throughout my project.

I am fascinated by the detail and beauty that can be seen when you choose to look closely at something. My project focused largely on texture, colour and shape, all of which were derived from my collected materials.