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Stemming from my interest in handcrafted techniques, I have explored links between textile heritage crafts and ‘outsider’ communities; focusing on the connection between quilting and stitch to represent aspects of the Queer community and my own queer identity.

Fabrics of Connection

Informed by my own research and to reflect the secret codes and languages used within the Queer community over the last century, I picked out motifs like pansies, lavender, the double Venus sign, triangles and carnations to use within my work. Alongside these historically used shapes that individuals would utilise to flag their Queer identity to those in the know, I also took shapes and patterns from personal items that I express my own Queer identity through – such as jewellery, nail varnish bottles, decorated shoelaces and eyeliner.

My project theme explores connections that link individuals of ‘outsider’ communities together. This is displayed in my textile techniques through the physical connections of threads stitched into fabrics, depicting these shapes that can be recognised by those in and around the Queer community that are familiar with the historical meanings.

Processes and techniques I undertook in my work include naturally dyeing fabrics with berries, monoprinting, making quilt wadding from scrap wool, reverse appliqué and the paper piece quilting method.