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I am a diligent and ambitious designer with a creative flair who is passionate about storytelling, campaign design and branding. I enjoy conceptualising with a strong belief in the importance of understanding the target audience and empathy in design.


CiderSpace is a speculative branding project that explores a new space where cider can exist, breaking convention and pushing the idea of the extraordinary. This project focuses on building a unique user experience around the story of CiderSpace, which is based on cider making with star shaped apples that came from comet remnants.

The space CiderSpace fosters is a common passion for exploration, innovation, and exceptional cider; this is what makes the brand unique.

CiderSpace website homepage for more information

Eight Seconds: Coca-Cola Campaign

This project was a competition brief for the D&AD Coca-Cola entry. 

8 seconds. 

It takes 8 seconds for a fizz bubble to reach the top of your drink. 

But it also takes 8 second moments to capture change, to love and be loved, feel nostalgic and reflect moments of compassion and humanity. Life is not defined by the big changes, the life defining events, it’s the fleeting moments that lead you to where you are now, that is the real magic behind these moments. 


The social campaign, ‘Eight Seconds’ encourages Gen Z to cherish the 8 second fleeting moments by introducing a digital time capsule that enables them to record 8 second videos, image and audio and pick a date in the future where it can be sent back to them to anyone they choose to relive it with. 

By following the fizz bubble on its journey up the bottle, it embodies the fleeting moments that resonate with Gen Z and the importance of cherishing the magic behind the fleeting moments as it rises to the top to celebrate them. 

Semester 1 Project


Approximately 20 million people worldwide are estimated to be affected by colour-blindness. It can be challenging for young people, particularly women to do simple tasks such as shopping and following fashion, leading to a lack of confidence and alienation. 

Behue is a service design created to enhance colour-blind women’s shopping experience. This is by creating a colour coded system that helps them match and identify the colours they shop for. The coding system consists of geometric symbols and shapes. In collaboration with UNIQLO, a Japanese clothing brand known for its casual wear and simple fashion, Behue’s colour coding system is implemented.

Work Experience

Placement year July 2022-2023. Sony Europe- Graphic Design and Online Marketing intern

August 2021 El-Shai Online Magazine- Graphic Design Intern