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An enthusiastic graphic designer with a love for witty ideation, brand identity, and packaging design. I aim to broaden and improve my skillset going further.

In a jam?

The brand asking you if you feel like you’re in a jam. Or in a pickle? Or in a pinch?

We’re putting jam in a different light than you’re used to. Using rare fruits that only grow from rare phenomena, we harvest their unique properties that enable increased patience, courage and focus on the consumer.

Making jam that in turn helps you get out of a jam. We’re adding the extra to the ordinary.

In a nutshell? We’re getting you out of tight spots with our jam pots!


At Kernel’s we aim to tackle the waste in the fruit juice processing industry. Utilising apricot kernels, a waste by-product of the juicing process, we use our specialised processes to make an apricot kernel milk alternative that we then make into delicious ice cream.

We are a brand taking a bird’s eye view on the juicing industry and rehoming the ugly ducklings (our apricot kernels) and giving them a new purpose.

From our team to you, truly sustainable ice cream that will make you say “Ooo!”

Medical Mayhem

Medical Mayhem is a card game that utilises gamification to make learning about first aid fun and enjoyable for teenagers. It aims to be an effective educational tool for teaching teenagers lifesaving first aid knowledge.

The card game is supported by British Red Cross, who provided their first aid knowledge. Medical Mayhem also introduces the target audience to the British Red Cross’s First Aid App, as a learning resource to gain more first aid knowledge in order to win the game!