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A multidiscipline designer, with a passion for originating concepts, brand identity, audience connection and narrative

Experience in the Branding and Film & Television industries, working in concept development and
post-production, whilst on placement year

D&AD New Bloody Entry

Airbnb Scrapbook utilises the trust and community that Airbnb has with its customers, to benefit those who need it most. Targeting those like Lucy, Gen Z’s who struggle to find that new experience, connection, or once-in-a-lifetime moment, Airbnb Scrapbook allows you to document and discover personal experiences, stays and memories directly had with Airbnb. Through Lucy’s narrative, you can see how Airbnb Scrapbook has given her the space needed to connect with those of similar interests, likes and dislikes. Eventually inspiring her to start her own journey with Airbnb, and in turn, create her own Scrapbook.

Brand Opus Entry

For some, cider falls into that trap of feeling ‘traditional’, ‘predictable’ and a little uncool, Easy Rider breaks those conventions. Whilst, proudly British and fit for any occasion, Easy Rider looks to support the orchards we benefit from. So, although a hedgehog wearing Noel Gallagher’s sunglasses might seem strange, there is a reason for the distinctive branding. Cider is one of the most sustainable alcoholic beverages, using less energy during fermentation, absorbing carbon dioxide through orchard trees and providing essential habitats for the Great British wildlife. So, with every can purchased or pint poured, 50p goes towards planting fruit trees, making Easy Rider a drink that can be enjoyed without guilt.