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I am passionate about storytelling through videography, blending typography, visual elements, and music within my work. I have experience in creative direction, videography & photography. Examples of my work, including commissioned projects, can be seen below and in my portfolio.

‘My Brother, Marcel’

This is a response to the ‘CDCT’ roulette competition, focusing on the statement ‘Reality Check’. This video highlights my little brother and others with Down Syndrome, showcasing the challenges they face in life while being underestimated by society.

If you underestimate him because of his Down Syndrome, you need a reality check.

D&AD Durex Brief

Project responding to D&AD’s 2024 Durex brief, which asks to develop a campaign, product or service that solves your chosen barrier to sexual freedom. Chosen barrier: a lack of biodegradable/eco-friendly condoms, making those who are eco-conscious less attracted to the thought of having sex.

 Project consists of a skit-based campaign, as well as the introduction of a new product: ‘Durex Eco-Lust’, condoms that biodegrade.

Durex ‘Eco- Lust’

‘A condom that biodegrades: leaving nature untouched, as love serenades.’

Pre-Loved Fables- Vinted

A campaign created by myself and Amar Mehta which focuses on promoting second-hand clothing through storytelling, therefore encouraging people to buy it.

This campaign would take the shape of a series of comedic skits where the characters ‘Atlas’, ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Edgar’ reveal what adventures they had experienced with their chosen item of clothing before selling it on Vinted.

This particular video features one of our characters named ‘Atlas’, who shares an adventure he experienced while wearing his gilet. He ultimately sells it on Vinted, giving someone else the chance to create new memories with it.

Because ‘what’s wrong with a bit of personality’ in second hand clothing?

Ground News ‘FAX’

A video-based campaign which addresses ‘fake news’ within social media, using the character of ‘Sanjai THE Barb’. Concept involves collaborating with ‘Ground News’, to try and minimise fake news within social media.