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Creative and self-driven third-year graphic design student specialise in graphics, branding and visual identities. Able to work with strong attention to detail, extensive creativity and well-developed problem-solving skills. Seeking for graphic design, branding and advertising opportunities after graduation.

Blumos (Pearfisher Brief)

Blumos is an interior design brand that produces bioluminescence glass table tops, wall art, ceilings, and more. The brand combines bioluminescence light technology, music vibration, and art to create a unique lighting experience in your home.


HOCOOK! is a game that combines cooking real-life Hong Kong cuisine and restaurant simulation. The player has to take up the role of a Hong Konger who migrates to the UK and decides to open a Cha Chaan Teng restaurant in London.

Blooming Guide (Semester 1)

Blooming Guide is a puberty education toolkit made for 8-10-year-old girls and their male carers. The toolkit aims to provide information and advises on communication to male carers, and then foster an opportunity for both male carers and girls to learn and talk about puberty casually and more easily.

Work Experience

The Bread Digital Art Assistant (Jun 2023 – Sept 2023)

Work in Advertising Company in Hong Kong
– Create visual work for leading companies (e.g. AIA Hong Kong, Dreyer’s Hong Kong).

– Working collaboratively with the design team and implementing client feedback during the design process.

– Provide creative solutions including social media posts, OOH, storyboards, decks, and packaging.