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An Industrial Designer with a passion to improve products and services through a user-focused approach.

IDMP – Final Year Project

In.Formica – Breast Cancer Screening, Using Ants

In.Formica is an innovative screening device designed to expand the reach of breast cancer screening programs by enabling at-home cancer detection. Leveraging the ability of ants unique olifactory systems, In.Formica brings this method directly to households.

Research has demonstrated that ants can be trained to detect breast cancer biomarkers in urine within 10 minutes, making them an efficient and non-invasive solution for early detection. This not only offers a cost-effective alternative but also simplifies the screening process, potentially increasing participation rates.

The primary goal of In.Formica is to alleviate the burden on healthcare systems while raising awareness about the critical importance of regular breast cancer screening. By making screening more accessible and less intimidating, In.Formica aims to promote early detection and ultimately improve outcomes for individuals at risk.

Screening Process

The device, containing trained ants is delivered to the home. They are introduced to a urine sample inside the clear testing cartridge, their behaviour is monitored through a camera. If Ants consistently gather in a specific quadrant of the cartridge, containing a urine sample – it indicates a higher risk profile, prompting fast-tracked referral for further testing.

All that is required from the user is the collection of a urine sample, which is then inserted into the device and extracted automatically.

Once the user has concluded testing, they will return the kit via standard postage, and the main hub can be reused and sent to another user – minimising cost and waste.

User Experience

The device is assisted by an app, both to assist on usage and best practice when using the device, but also facilitates delivery of screening results/risk factor. Following this the user will be able to book further testing as required.

Original Concept Storyboard
C6 Postage Sized box – for easy returns
Development Process


  • FSW Design Week – Highly Commended
  • Diploma of Professional Studies


The Technology Partnership – 12 Months (August 2022-23)