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I am a designer specialising in branding, advertising & photography; who enjoys seeking innovative solutions by leveraging creative expertise. Studying in Japan enriched my creative outlook and helped me develop an understanding of how travel & culture can shape compelling visual narratives.

Ryū Sake

Taste of Japan

Noticing that conventional supermarkets in the UK don’t typically sell Sake, I saw an opportunity to develop a drinks brand which embraces and promotes Japanese culture, whilst appealing to a UK market. Designing the product, branding, advertising and touchpoint around the Japanese philosophy of Mottainai.

The Dragon (Ryū)

The dragon (Ryū) is deeply revered by the imperial family of Japan, for its role as the deity of water. Often depicted in shinto shrines as Chozuya (water fountains), before entering the shrine, devotees will wash from the dragon as a part of a short purification ceremony. Water also plays a significant role in the makeup of Sake (80%), having a large impact on the taste of the Sake. Many breweries in Japan are proud of their regional water sources. For these reasons the dragon has become the brands insignia. 


Originating from the Buddhist belief in which objects don’t exist in isolation, but in interconnection. Mottainai believes in the intrinsic value of the object. ‘Mottai’ is often used to describe the essence of something. Mottainai is used as an expression of regret, when an item is discarded it is considered a loss of essence. A philosophy rooted in Japan’s approach to sustainability.

The Ryū packaging embraces Mottainai with every can wrapped in Kimono saved from wardrobes and landfills from across Japan. Made from a single bolt of fabric, the Kimono / Yukata is designed to be repurposed. It was important to design a route for up-cycling the product once used – considering past, present and future. The inclusion of a seed infused label, enables customers to repurpose their can into a plant pot.

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