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Hi I'm Louis, a graphic designer and illustrator passionate about branding, animation and storytelling.
I enjoy creating dynamic and vibrant brand identities, brought to life through unique characters and fun illustrations.

Roberta’s – The Good Fish

Our packaging stands out in stores, allowing quick access when you’re already busy cooking dinner.

Clean Chemistry Crew

The Clean Chemistry Crew aims to give students the resources to make their own cleaning products, to be more sustainable and save money!

They are also given resources on how to clean – to be a good flatmate!
The laundry rooms are transformed into fun communal spaces and laboratories are added to them with all the ingredients needed for students to make their own products.
At graduation, students are reminded to keep using the Clean Chemistry Crew’s online resources,
to keep making their own products!

Crack The Code

The codes stamped on eggs can tell you a lot about what you’re buying. The first number informs you of the conditions the chicken is raised in, then the country of origin and lastly the farm’s ID. The issue is not enough consumers know what egg codes are and details of its various meanings.

Crack The Code is a campaign aiming to make the meaning behind egg codes widely known, whilst encouraging people to buy eggs that are produced more sustainably.

The first step of the campaign is to use infographics and labels in stores, spreading awareness about these egg codes.

The labels redirect concerned consumers to the Crack The Code website, where they are encouraged to contact their elected representatives to campaign for a change in regulation in egg packaging – to impose packaging that makes all information about eggs readily available and clear.

The new packaging clearly shows the first number of the egg code and explains what it means for the chicken who laid them. The farm ID number is replaced with the county the eggs came from, encouraging consumers to buy local.
The new packaging allows for more transparency of information, both in stores and online – while keeping the top panel blank for the producer’s individual branding.


Murmur is a brand of modular lampshades, made from many small modules inspired by origami – it can change shape and colour whenever you want!
Murmur’s packaging is made from a single folded sheet of paper, to get the feeling of playing with paper from the very first interaction.
Murmur’s guide to light, details the steps needed to make any shape of lampshade you wish.