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I use a variety of practices, including UX/UI, branding and packaging, to develop solutions that enable the users through human-centred design.

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Sky Verve – D&AD New Blood Winner 2024

What does the connected home of 2030 look like?
Sky Verve encourages the idea that in 2030 every connected home is a Sky home, building better opportunities for anyone and everyone.

Team project with Charlotte Aze


Does academic research have any impact on industry?
Bridging the gap between industry and academics, this platform and browser extension offers designers insights and ‘abstracts’ from academic papers linked to their field. This allows research to have more of an impact on industrial design, and offers designers with the opportunity to continue learning.

Speculative project

Basque Country

Representing the land and people of the Basque Country
Drawing on the stubborn history of survival and deep roots to their motherland, this place branding project explores the connection between visual language and history.

Speculative Project