Final Year Project


Crescent becomes the first electric trimmer to deliver the perfect shave and be completely repairable at home with no tooling required.

Many household electronics are left unusable even if only one small part fails, leading to over 60% of electric razors to be thrown in the household waste.

The lack of regard for recycling electronics is becoming especially embarrassing worldwide, and e-waste has risen by 173% in the last 15 years in the UK alone.

The Crescent body groomer aims to minimise this by giving users the power to swiftly swap out broken parts in a few minutes. Aimed at those with zero electronics experience, the interaction streamlines this experience by using quick fit electronics alongside Laser Sintered parts to alleviate the cost of a full replacement.

Design for Manufacture

Uncompromising in Functionality

Built to last as long as you do

A lifelong companion that looks after you, as you look after it. With calibrated monitoring, the health of each part is measured and a simple LED array lets you know exactly where the fault is for a no-nonsense repair.

Crescent’s commitment to sustainability allows users to recycle 80% this razor through kerbside recycling and our part replacement cycle enables it to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Straightforward interaction was the key to this project, I wanted the idea of fixing electronics to be the simplest process it could. This meant abstracting certain electronic ideas down to make them less intimidating for those with no prior experience.

Problem Diagnosis

All components on display. There are four primary internal components; the motor, the battery, the control board, and the convertor for charging. The head is designed to be easily removed so that the blade can be sharpened or replaced completely when dull. This also allows for alternative head attachments.

Twist and Slide

No tooling is required to get inside, just a simple twist of the base and the inside sleeve slides out. Once repairs have been made sliding it back in on guide rails secure it in place and make sure it all lines up. Providing IP68 waterproofing, a satisfying click when it has been screwed on tight enough ensures the user that the trimmer is back to being fully operational

Other Projects


The tri-palate combines all five distinct taste types with the sensations of aromas and temperature to simulate the experience of flavour. A brand new way to share recipes and try what other people are cooking. Designed for Panasonic as a way of getting neighbours to share their culinary skills up and down apartment buildings and to encourage people to cook something they might not have liked until they tasted it.

Zero Waste Food Delivery System

Tackling the litter of takeaway packaging and undercompensated delivery drivers, this new system of reusable packaging eliminates single use materials. Designed to be arranged on a delivery bike in the Çankaya district, it is easy to stack, transport and wash all whilst keeping food in immaculate condition and using proper insulation for hot and cold food and drink. Our business model takes over the scramble of current food delivery systems and opens up a more democratic approach with easily manufactured metal containers to be washed and returned after each use.

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