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Hi, I'm Harry! An enthusiastic designer with a passion for Mobility and Interactive design. By combining aesthetics with interaction, I strive to deliver designs that create innovative experiences.

blank_ bike

An innovative new rental service, designed to make bikepacking more accessible to all.

blank_ bike is a modular frame and storage compartments which can be pre-booked and delivered to your door via a mobile app – encouraging us all to take spontaneous and active micro-adventures.

blank_ bike is booked via the mobile app. Customers can specify how long they want to go and where, coming with the corresponding kit pre-packed. The app can also help plan a route based on their cycling experience, adding in POIs, stop-offs and pre-approved wild camping sites.

This makes for a sociable and spontaneous experience, users can book as a friendship group with a click, no need for timely planning or setup. Moreover, as a rental, this is a cost-effective solution, removing the need to invest heavily in start-up kit.

‘A blank canvas for all life’s adventures’ – users can make their rental bespoke to their trip, dependant on where they’re going or for how long.

Designed with modularity in mind, blank_bike is automatically attached with the essentials for a 1-3 day trip. Users can opt to upgrade to the blank_bike+ in the app, with additional attachments such as a rear rack, workbench, dynamo and stove.


To make storage more intuitive for beginners, objects are grouped based on frequency of use and weight – with heavier, less-used objects lower down to optimise the centre of gravity and handling.

EVA foam boxes with taped seams store the kit with Fidlock magnetic fasteners secure them to the frame.


An overnight tarpaulin cover is attached to the top tube and dual-purpose Hiplok straps secure the wheels to the frame. Rental branding and a GPS tracker also improves the security when camping, deterring opportunistic crime.

Range Rover Residence

Placement Project

As part of my Undergraduate placement at Jaguar Land Rover, I was set an 8-month brief by the Design Director, Massimo Frascella: ‘Modern Luxury at Sea.’

Responsible for the whole design process, from initial mood boards and sketches through to CAD data, animations and renders – it was amazing to work on a project with complete creative freedom. This culminated in an architectural yacht for the Range Rover brand, with a scale model and presentation to the studio of 600+ people.

Sketch Development.

Taking influences from mid-century architecture, the Residence was an evolution of yacht design beyond a vehicle, into a moving destination.

With a contemporary take on Zen, the Residence is designed for tranquillity, embracing the surrounding landscape. A reductive, yet monolithic silhouette is designed to appear like a series of islands on the horizon, using negative space and full-height waterfalls.


Complete with a full interior layout, the Residence was modelled in Autodesk Alias. Blender fluid simulations were used to make waterfalls, pools and a sculptural plinth.

Scale Model.

A final 1.4m long scale model of the Range Rover Residence was produced, together with a bespoke CMF palette.

Fully responsible for A-surfacing, B-surfacing and coordinating manufacturing, parts were Rapid Prototyped before hand sanding and painting. Resin and tints were used for the pools.

Complete with a sculptural plinth – a moment stopped in time – CNC milled from a simulated ocean.

A removable top-deck reveals the interior layout with rooms, walkways and internal waterfalls.

Please come and view the model at the industry showcase on the middle floor during the degree show. A huge Thank You to all the CAS team and wider Design studio at JLR for all the support with this project and an incredible placement year – allowing me to learn so much.

Personal Projects

My sketchbook! – some of my Automotive doodles.

Poster Design and illustration – Photoshop on Wacom Cintiq.

Current WIP – Grasmere Green Defender 90.

Surface Modelling exercises – Playforever Luft. Modelled in Autodesk Alias, with single-span NURBS surfaces.



  • Jaguar Land Rover – Design Undergraduate – Studio Modelling (2022-2023)
  • McLaren F1 Racing – Work Experience – Composite Assembly (2018)
  • Morgan Motor Company – Work Experience (2018)
  • Bentley Motors – Work Experience (2016)
  • Academic Excellence Award – Highest mark in cohort (2021)
  • Design Week Brief Winner – HEXR ‘Best of the best’ (2022)