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As an industrial designer with a passion for detail, I strive to create innovative and unique perspectives on modern problems. With specialty in CAD and designing for manufacture, my designs are never too far away from reality.

Final Year Project

Introducing- SoundWave

A wearable device improving sub aqua communication and safety for SCUBA divers across the globe. Using ultrasound technology, SoundWave is able to connect with fellow devices underwater and communicate intent through haptic feedback. As the touchpoints (coloured orange) are pressed, an ultrasonic signal is emitted and received by the linked device- which then vibrates with a pre-determined pattern to alert the fellow designer.

With its ability to communicate standard signals surrounding points of interest and queries using the large touchpoint at the front of the device, it removes the need for increased exertion when catching up to diver buddies at a distance.

When emergencies strike, the dual activated touchpoints at the rear send a constant vibrational signal to both fellow divers and on-boat crew, providing your exact location to them and beaming your direction to the on-device radar.

As shown below, the device is fully deconstructable, with internal structures and components designed to be removed and repaired. As with many other SCUBA devices and gear, yearly tests are to be performed to check quality and safety, these are easily performed on the SoundWave as all electronic major components can be removed in one go through an access panel in the base.

Other Work.

Below are some of the projects carried out in previous assignments within my time at Loughborough.

Starpack Awards- Skyline Gin

my entry into the annual Starpack competition was an answer to the problem of introducing gin to a modern market. As a timeless classic, gin has never been able to fully breach into today’s generation- so Skyline Gin was born, taking inspiration from key cities around the world for its flavour profiles, the sleek and stylish packaging design creates a collectable experience when purchasing this drink.

RSA Design Awards- EmberSense- top 10 runner up

For the 2024 annual RSA Design Competition, my project team and I challenged ourselves to make a product that can change people’s lives for the better, using the emerging phenomenon of AI. Introducing EmberSense, a wildfire detection device that is placed throughout hotspots in forests to track and monitor flashpoints of wildfires. This data is then sent through AI analysis to create an accurate evacuation plan for the local residents to follow.

Design week 2022- Beta Vault

During a week long design sprint, at the beginning of 2022, I iterated, developed and designed Beta Vault. An insulin storage device for diabetics to track, manage and dispense their short and long term insulin. As a mix up of these two types can be potentially fatal, the Beta Vault releases the correct pen and dose via voice command or manual control, eliminating the confusion.

Work experience

Junior Industrial Designer- DIAM UK- 2022-2023

As a Junior Development Designer at DIAM I worked closely with the entire company to design and manufacture retail cosmetic displays and storage units. Whilst here, i honed my CAD and my design for manufacturing skills to significantly improved levels and understood the profession on a deeper level than before. This placement gave me the skills needed to professionally enter my final year.

Positions held

AU Sub Aqua Chair- Loughborough Athletic Union- 2023-2024

During my final year at Loughborough, I have taken it upon myself after being nominated, to lead the Sub Aqua club at the university. Within this role I enhanced my leadership skill, being at the head of an amazing team of committee. Furthermore, the organising and communicative duties of running the club fell on my shoulders also, further helping me understand the role.