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Sculpture Artist.
Exploring the intersection of my Catholic upbringing and the symbolism of my current beliefs through an immersive installation.

My Creative Practice

My Final Project aims to encapsulate the accumulation of my most impactful religious memories through an obscure combination of objects and structures, alongside ambiguous pieces that act as symbols for the current beliefs I now identify with. These two focal points blend together to form an immersive installation, posing as an almost dream-like space, or more favourably, a fabrication of the imagery I see within my mind when I think back or reflect, acting as two languages on either side of a conversation.

As a sculpture artist, my practice is defined by my own style of making, in particular, through the manipulation of clay and liquid latex, whilst also being driven by my personal religious narrative having grown up Catholic and now choosing to be an Atheist.

My Degree Show is informed by 3 things: the type of artwork that I most enjoy creating; the meaning I desire to represent; and the type of art that I am most inspired by in a gallery exhibition.

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