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My art practice addresses self objectification and my experiences with anorexia, using porcelain sculpture and photography to create fragmented and abstracted bodily imagery. My pieces explore the connection between the materiality of the body and its mentally constructed value.

Porcelain – Behind The Scenes

The porcelain suspended sculptures challenge traditional notions of the space, fragmenting my body into fragile objects, their fragmented and isolated bodily shapes act as ‘physical photographs’. The porcelain is suspended at the height of which the cast was taken, forming an empty and sepulchral body.

The Objectified Body

Darkness emanates from the photographs, starkly contrasting the bright white exhibition space, the vast black space and shallow depth of field balance the composition and isolate the subject from any natural surroundings. The image size transforms the subject into a large sculptural, abstracted form of the human body, objectified and depersonalised.