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Through physically locating my body within a web of temporary restriction, my work explores the pressures and expectations of the female perpetuated by internalised sexism.

Final Year Project

My work involves locating my body within the constricting webs of expectation in which I am entangled, exploring multiple aspects of photography and collage as well as more physical forms of sculpture. My intention is not to depict women as victims, but to simply create a reflection and empower women through speaking truthfully about the profound ways internalised beliefs and attitudes towards each other can affect confidence and self-worth.

‘Inward Entanglement’

These photographs capture the struggle of women grappling with internalised sexism. Through the use of soft material, the images employ intricate crochet webs to symbolise the gentle yet suffocating forces of societal expectations and internalised beliefs.

This series of collages depicts a navigation of the webs towards an emergence of restriction, the fragmentation and multiplicity of limbs capturing a dynamism and movement of different parts in the journey towards liberation.

‘Physical Embodiment’

By forming these webs over my body and allowing the plaster to set, I in turn felt the weight and pressure of the web over my body. The act of physically embodying the restrictive webs gave a palpable sense of confinement and pressure in showing the constant burdens placed on women.

Journey to the Show