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With a passion for advertising and campaign development, I am ambitious in my design approach and possess a flair for crafting bold, innovative concepts. I enjoy forging strong connections between brands and audiences through impactful campaigns and brand activations.

Share & Share

A project in response to the D&AD Kraft Mac & Cheese Brief.

The campaign aims to connect the Kraft Mac & Cheese brand with students across the US, providing them with some comfort on campus, combating the feelings of anxiety and stress that students experience all too often.

Research shows that sharing your feelings and worries with others can provide some much needed anxiety relief.

To bring comfort and conversation to campus, Kraft would encourage students to talk about their mental health, over a comforting bowl of Mac & Cheese.

Exclusive Kraft Mac & Cheese
‘Share Pots’
would be available
to students across university campuses, inviting students to Share (their Kraft Mac & Cheese) & Share (their worries with others).

Using the hashtag #share&share students are then encouraged to share the comfort on social media.

Previous Projects

Press For Hope

A Semester 1 project focused on the underfunding of Brain Tumour research, aiming to encourage the public to sign a petition for increased national funding. Targeting commuters in train stations, this initiative introduced the issue through billboards and banners – with touchpoints placed throughout stations, reminding of the problem. A ‘brain’ thumbprint symbol represented ‘pressing’ for hope, urging the government to boost research funding.