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As a Graphic Communication Student, I have gained professional multi-disciplinary experience with an expertise in campaign, 3D design, UX/UI, and Adobe CC suite. Alongside previous marketing, social media and e-commerce experience, I am eager to strengthen myself as a designer.

Adobe Express – Meet Maya

D&AD 2024 New Blood Pencil Winner

This project was a response to Adobe’s D&AD competition brief. The core deliverable to Adobe’s brief ‘Make Adobe Express the go-to tool for Gen Z creatives’; is an end-to-end campaign video which outlines a storytelling perspective of the character ‘Maya’. The embodiment of Generation Z creatives aged 18-26 year olds, who have passions and hobbies they want to ‘show-off’ to the world but don’t know where to begin. That’s where Adobe Express comes in, a multi-purpose platform for upcoming creatives.

Why Maya? – Maya in the philosophical concept refers to “creativity of the world”, it is how we interpret the world around us and how we alter the future. This name is considered in my project, the prospect of Generation Z shaping the world through creativity, just like Maya.

Adobe Express – Campaign advertising featuring a 3D style billboard, to enhance Adobe’s creative branding

Spotify Campaign – Let’s Groove

This is a Spotify retrospective/conceptual campaign project designed to enhance user personalisation, and encourage a sensory and emotional connection to your most loved music genre.

Introducing ‘Let’s Groove’ an illustrative retrospective project that brings a compelling addition to your music personalisation. The new experience brings together that contagious curiosity, when songs encourage you to groove with your headphones on all night long, and your love for embracing life through the joy and melody of music. By creating an illustrated musical persona that fits perfectly with your most-listened to (genre) and your grooviest taste.

Below are eight character illustration cards representing Spotify’s music genres. They are utilised in the campaign project to represent each user and their favourite genre – a character persona for all music lovers.

Spotify ‘Let’s Groove’ promotional campaign – Large billboard

Home Habits – Productivity App for University Students

Home Habits is a productivity app that showcases a virtual university household. The app offers a gamified concept and offers striking 3D-rendered detail, design and interactive features including; buttons to tap, alarms to set, a checklist to create and tick boxes to complete their daily routines in each room.

The user will learn how to navigate and slide across each room of a university house; bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. User’s routines can be selected by tapping the toggles across each room. This productivity app is tailored for university students making each routine specific to the individual – so the user can track their progress every day via the data collected analytics – enjoying the visual concept of the app and building new routines into rituals, daily.

Final four 3D rooms, promoting productivity in the student household – each toggle representing an activity to be completed daily