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An enthusiastic and highly motivated designer with a passion for Experience Design and Brand Identity, looking to develop my skills further as a graduate.

Mixtape Rewind!

Pearlfisher Brief: Nostalgia is often used by Gen Z as a coping mechanism to escape the stresses they experience day to day. Music can be nostalgic for a variety of reasons, it could remind you of a pivotal life event or you may have heard the song over and over again whilst growing up.

Mixtape Rewind! is a festival experience bringing to life some of the best performances from the past using new AR technology. Visitors can attend shows they never thought possible whilst thriving on their memories and nostalgia.

Our target audience consists of Gen Z and Millennials, particularly those aged 20-30. You’ll often find them listening to music, especially when it’s a playlist they’ve curated themselves. Music is a constant in their lives and offers a sense of escapism from everyday adulthood.

To reach our audience we will implement activations throughout their journey to work, for example, posters on public transport or roadside billboards. Along with advertisements to be heard through their car radio or seen across their social media.

Taking place in Summer 2024 at London Olympic Park, you can see top artists from the 70s-00s perform all your favourite songs! Get a sneak peek of the artists performing on the setlist and don’t forget your map so you know how to plan and make the most of your day or weekend with us! Stop by Memory Lane to share your favourite lyrics, memories or songs by writing on the wall.

As you explore the festival you can follow your map or the signage to find the tents for a specific decade of music. However, for the biggest performances from any decade, head to the main stadium.

Penguin Book Cover Award – Brief

For the Penguin brief, I created a ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ book cover, inspired by the heady haze of the 1970s music scene – whilst also hinting to the mystery and unpredictability of Daisy Jones.


According to new research, almost one in four students are lonely, most or all of the time. More than half (58%) of female students said they don’t feel comfortable seeking help for loneliness.

Zone provides a welcoming community for female students struggling with loneliness and making friends at university. We aim to help students find friends with similar interests and increase their overall happiness through connections and community.