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Hi, I'm Georgia! Being creative and spreading positivity is something I have always been passionate about and love that I get to do that through Design and Illustration. I hope to inspire people and get conversations started.

Mind UK Campaign

‘Through the Waves’ is a speculative social design campaign project for Mind UK. It is about raising awareness both for the charity and how mental health can affect anyone. This campaign aims to help encourage people to continue talking openly about any issues they are facing and that no topic is ‘too much’. With different touchpoints, including billboards, social media content and in social environments, this campaign is about connecting as many people and getting conversations started.

Billboard Poster Design
Development sketches

‘Through the Waves’

Mind UK is a charity that advocates and encourages people to open up about mental health no matter how big or small it might feel. The website offers many tools for people to use, whether they are seeking help for themselves or someone they know. ‘Through the waves’ is a campaign working alongside the pre-existing branding for the charity – with simple, clear designs and punchy quotes – that aim to resonate and encourage people to be more open about their emotions. The name for this campaign stems from the notion that problems or overwhelming emotions may feel like big crashing waves, but with help and time, the storm will pass and you will get through it.

Campaign Posters

The touchpoints for this campaign were important to me. I wanted them to be clear and easy to read, whilst being visible in places that people would see day-to-day, like grabbing a coffee alone or with a friend. This would help push the messages forward and get people talking, not only about Mind UK but sharing their problems and talking more about it.

Poster & Coffee Cup Touchpoints