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Multi-disciplinary designer excelling in branding, with an interest in motion graphics and developing fun, witty projects. Passionate about addressing stigmatised topics and tackling complex problems through campaigns that inspire conversation and long-term change.

Semester 2 Project

Durex Change the Forcast | D&AD

Empowering individuals to improve menopausal sex lives and shift the national conversation.

Discussing the weather is a national pastime in Britain, with Brits spending 4.5 months talking about it in their lives. However, Despite there being 13 million menopausal or peri-menopausal individuals in the UK, there’s a significant lack of support and openness, with 37% feeling shame and 83% experiencing stigma, leading to silent suffering.

The one-week campaign takes over go-to weather apps, offering sunny tips and helpful products for menopausal journeys, from Durex’s Natural Lube range to a new Clitoral Stimulation sex toy. Let’s reclaim passion, ignite desire, and change the forecast for the future.

Semester 2 Project

Ody | Pearlfisher

Multi-Purpose Purifying Elixir by Ody, infused with Alexandrite essence for cleansing and healing.

Infused with Alexandrite, Ody revolutionises the chore of cleaning into an enchanting and transformative ritual, creating a beacon of magic in the mundane.

Utilising the mesmerising colour-changing properties found in the rare natural gemstone, the elixir provides immediate visual feedback upon spraying, shining purple when dirt is present and transitioning through green hues as it cleanses. 

The elixir also continues to emit healing properties that permeate the home space, restoring balance, reducing stress, and warding off negative energies.

Semester 2 Project

Untrimmed | Roulette (CDCT)

Untrimmed believe in being unapologetically hairy.

Many women apologise for not “tidying up” down there during gynaecological exams but did you know that female pubes are super multitaskers?

Left to grow, it’s more than aesthetic. Like eyebrows and eyelashes, pubes protect against dust, dirt, and germs, reduce friction, regulate temperature, keep you moisturised, and trap pheromones to boost attractiveness!

Untrimmed is a UK campaign for women (16+) at sexual health clinics and gynaecologists. With bright, humorous branding, colourful zines, and doctors in novelty scrubs, we aim to reduce shame and embarrassment around pubic hair.

Semester 1 Projects


1-in-15 adults face challenges pooping (Parcopresis) and/or peeing (Paruresis) in public toilets due to anxiety and fear of perceived scrutiny (Mind Over Gut, 2019). Starting in secondary schools, LetGo works to reduce the anxiety surrounding pooping away from home, through blasting music through speakers in all participating toilets.


Getting sunburnt just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer. The problem is that 56% of young people (aged 18-34) in Great Britain still admitted to at least one case of sunburn in 2022 alone. Top-up by Nivea makes suncream fun and convenient for people in British pub gardens during summer, with the hopes that rates of skin cancer in old age will be reduced in the future.