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Amy Calladine is an illustrator, storyteller and designer who specialises in designing for children. She is inspired by nature and British folklore. Working in digital and traditional media, she always finds a way to be visually whimsical.

My sister, the Changeling.

My Sister, The Changeling is an original children’s fantasy book aimed at five to seven-year-olds.

The story follows the character Tom, who makes a wish to the fairies for a sister. However, when she arrives, she is nothing like he expected. His new sister is wild and strange, weirdest of all, she changes shape! She is a changeling!

 Tom and the Changeling set off on an adventure through the woods to return her to the Fairy King but come across many obstacles in their path. As they travel, the siblings learn to work together to reach their goal and Tom learns to accept his sister for the changeling she is.

Book Sketches and Character Design Pages

Book Mock-up

SpellBound – Group Project

Team members: Amy Calladine, Hiba Khan, Freyja John

SpellBound is an activity pack for children ages five to seven years old. In studies, we found that school children have an average screen time of over seven hours a day with 25% of children aged five to seven years old having access to their own smartphones, and 65% of children having access to social media apps such as Whatsapp, TikTok, and Instagram. 

SpellBound aims to encourage children away from smartphones and technology to be mindful of their surroundings and nature, encouraging them to use their imagination and develop their motor skills.

The Activity pack comes as a deck of cards that are packaged in a satchel. The cards have the activity side intended for the child to read and a back with instructions for the adult to read. This encourages them to bond with their child. The deck contains sections for activities that can be completed at home, on the go, or outside. Each pack has its own unique set of characters who instruct them through the activity. When the child completes a task, the adult may reward the child with a sticker from the sticker packs.

Card Layouts

Sticker Page

Sketches and Illustrations

Satchel and Card Mock-ups