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I am particularly interested in illustration but I enjoy expanding my skills and techniques in a variety of media, in my final semester I explored Riso printing, editorial design and stop motion animation.

Please visit my portfolio to see all my work here!

Synergy – SDCA Student Newspaper

This project is a conceptual newspaper made by the students, for the students in order to create more of a community feel and sense of belonging within our School of Design and Creative Arts.

I commissioned Mabli Yeoman, Sonia Czyzynska and Izzy Facey to make the illustrations; Hiba Khan created a poem and inside there is a showcase of students from different areas of the school. As I wanted it to feel fully collaborative and represent everyone as a whole group, not just focusing on one course or one side of (SDCA). The name Synergy came from the idea of all the different cohorts within the school coming together and inputting all our skills – creating something bigger than we could do individually. I hope it inspires other years to make something similar and work more collaboratively with one another.

I printed the newspaper here at Loughborough using the Risograph Printer, which creates eye-catching and impactful visuals. Meaning the newspaper can be completely produced internally by the students – not to mention its environmental impact.

Front cover
Front cover (detail)
Double page spread (pages 2 & 3)
Page 2 (detail)
Double page spread (pages 4 & 5)
Double page spread (pages 6 & 7)
Page 7 (detail)
Double page spread (pages 8 & 9)
Double page spread (pages 10 & 11)
Back cover

‘What Have I Missed?’ – Stop Motion Animation

This project is a collaboration with Nicoletta Corbett, a student at Falmouth University – where we wanted to make a commentary on the de-evolution of man and provoke the reader to consider their own screen usage. We used plasticine, felt, foam and cotton wool to bring our character ‘Radwin’ and his container home to life.

‘Molly’s Story’ – Voices in the Middle Zine

This project was from earlier on in the academic year and is a reboot of the already existing ‘Voices in the Middle’ charity. It is in the form of a zine, telling the fictional story of a young person who has experienced divorce, and how it is still affecting them as they grow up into adulthood. Designed to comfort and make the reader feel understood – whether they can relate, or to educate the reader if they can’t. Offering further support through Voices in the Middle’s existing services. This was also printed on the Risograph!

Please visit my portfolio to see all my work here!