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Within my practice, I enjoy using digital processes such as laser, 3D print and jacquard to create contemporary surface designs for luxury interior spaces.


My final project is a luxury interiors collection inspired by the lives of my great grandparents who lived in Hong Kong. As Luso-Asians, their Portuguese nationality held a lot of importance during the Second World War. This collection nods to that time through highlighting key information from strict government documents which contrasts with the post-war freedom of life in the luscious Hong Kong countryside.

Clean and Breathable Design

When designing their own house, my great grandparents insisted that there were no curtains as they prevented the movement of fresh air. I incorporated this idea into my work through keeping breathability at the forefront of design and creating surface that would encourage airflow through a space.

Clean designs and conscious colour choices keep the collection sophisticated and minimal, with a focus on texture and form. High quality materials such as wool, silk and oak give a luxury feel, while supporting the breathable aspect of the collection.

Innovative Use of Technology

In the collection, I have used technology to create unique outcomes. I experimented with laser etching onto terracotta, layering digital embroidery into handmade paper and laser firing glaze onto porcelain tiles. I have incorporated digital with handmade process, honouring traditional Portuguese and Chinese design, with a contemporary feel.

Sampling and Process

Initial drawing and painting
Laser tests on ceramic, with and without glaze
Digital embroidery embedded into handmade paper