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I am a multi-media designer focusing on hand embroidery, ceramics and metal work. My collection aims to look into the correlation between nature and anxiety and how this can be shown through fabrics and accessories.

Final Project

My collection includes high end fashion fabrics and jewellery pieces. Throughout my project, I have aligned my imagery and techniques with wellness theories and practices, enabling the collection to help aid anxiety control. 

My project has a heavy focus on beading and embroidery. By hand embroidering, I have slowed down my process, allowing reflection and increasing intricacy. I have also focused on broadening my choice of materials, looking into how I can use ceramics and metals which have a much sturdier and structured nature. 

The aim of my final collection is that the anxiety control features embedded in my designs help the consumer in a physical and mental way by redirecting their focus to the fabric, embellishment, placement of material or design.