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Specialising in Multi Media Textiles, I am a responsible designer that upcycles unconventional second-hand materials, giving materials a new lease of life and purpose. Climate action and sustainability are some of my core values and is reflected throughout my practices. I have a passion for blending diverse mediums. I create Textile Art which speaks volumes, provokes thoughts and evokes emotions.


With oceans becoming more acidic, sea levels rising, forests burning, the ice caps melting, and coral reefs dying, the planet is crying out for help. Right now, we are facing a manmade disaster of global scale our greatest threat in thousands of years and if we don’t take action and make change, the collapse of our civilisation and extinction of the world as we know it is on the horizon. Sooner rather than later the environment and landscape we live in will be unrecognisable forcing us out of our comfort zones and once reliable ways of life. ‘S.O.S’ embarks on a crucial mission providing lifelines amidst chaos and devastation that the future currently brings.  

Reflecting what our future might look like being forced to prioritise survival within disastrous and dangerous landscapes scarred by the climate crisis.’ S.O.S’ explores the basic needs for human survival. Experimenting with innovative approaches, methods and tools that survivalists and preppers employ to navigate and aid with in challenging landscapes.

With society insulated from the direct impacts and effects of the climate crisis each piece is designed to provoke a sense of panic and distress of the post-apocalyptic environment that could evolve from the lack of action. Ultimately ‘S O S’ seeks to shine a light upon the current climate change emergency and the increasing possibly fatal and devastating impacts it has upon the earth and humans. Confronting viewers with harsh realities of a forced survival state that we will have to face illustrating our devastation and catastrophic future. Aiming to provoke strong thoughts and emotions this collection is designed to motivate people in to action and encourage change.  


Responsible Design and Sustainability

The climate change crisis is the driver for this project. with in ‘S.O.S’ sustainability and responsible design are key values that underpin this project. I have remained thoughtful and conscious within all processes from samples to finals, attempting to minimise this projects environmental impact. ‘S.O.S’ consists of a collection that is upcycled from retired, neglected and disused outdoor and survival equipment. Transforming and repurposing unwanted materials using textile processes and techniques to enhance and highlight the materials old life, and their new purpose with in this project.


OXFAM Festival Shop September 2022- July 2023

– Market & Trend Research.
– Planned and put on a pop-up shop at Huddersfield
– Social Media.
– Created and sold my own Upcycled collection
– Inform people and customers of Oxfam’s work and
– Online listing, on Depop and eBay.
– Sorted, tagged, priced and sold Second-Hand Clothes.
– Prepared stock and load wagons in prep for
– Working at Festivals.

Upcycled Collection
From Hivis To Festival accessories
Made: 35 Bucket Hats 10 Bumbags


Short Listed For Miliken Carpet Competition 2022