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My work journeys through the multifaceted urban society with highly contrasted black and white film photography.

Final Project

My lens becomes a conduit for seeking out the organic and genuine scenes that unfold in the midst of the bustling streets and quiet corners of London. Through the highly contrasted and grainy texture of black and white film photography I endeavour to capture different perspectives of urban environment by shooting without looking through the lens to achieve ambiguous, candid expressions and interactions. Through the production to the curation of exhibitions, my work is a quest to understand the intricate relationship between individuals and the landscapes they inhibit.

Profoundly inspired by the photographer Daido Moriyama, a visit to The Photographers’ Gallery became a pivotal moment that shaped my photographic perspective. Moriyama’s ‘Are, Bure, Boke’ style and raw approach urged me to embark on a visual exploration that captures the essense of urban life in its most authentic form.

In this amalgamation of influences and techniques my work strives to be more of a mere visual representation. It is an invitation to explore the profound beauty hidden in the mundane, an ode to the individuals who compliment and define the landscapes they inhabit.

Journey to the Show

Experimenting with applying higher contrast to my photographs and perfecting my developing time in the darkroom.
Developing images for the degree show.
Comparing my darkroom attempts for the perfectly contrasted image. This leads to creating zines, adding narrative and sequencing to my images.
Curating my images is detrimental to how my work is perceived by the viewer. Large and small scale pieces build a new perspective and personal aspect to my work.