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My practice dives into examining the relationship between the original object and the representation of the object created through cyanotype. I use breakage as a means to further strain and complicate this no longer linear relationship.


The usage of breakage within my practice allows me to further separate the original object from its cyanotype representation.


This semester I introduced a new stage in my process, ‘Repair’. By attempting to repair the objects it furthers notions of the Japanese tradition of kintsugi.

By using kintsugi, I am able to demonstrate the beauty in broken things, demonstrating fortitude whilst also referring backwards to the breakage that occurred previously.

Degree Show works

In order to present at the Degree Show, I have created over 50 tapestries varying in size using cyanotypes. Tapestries were often released in suites which when placed together construct a narrative. My means of presentation will construct a disjointed narrative through the varying sizes of tapestries and the placement within the space.