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Aiming to transport the viewer to a place of healing, spiritual enrichment and clarity, celebrating our intricate connection to nature. Using inks on fabric through a coastal lens, I hope to bring light to protecting that which gives us life.

Final Show

The natural world offers us so much, it can provide healing and solace in our constantly urgent world, moments of spirituality in a society which can appear increasingly data-driven, and a sense of place when everything is ever-shifting. I believe as humans we need to ‘consciously look’ at the beauty that surrounds us in order to truly understand its benefits and significance.

My work explores the patterns of nature through the lens of my personal experiences at the small coastal town where I live, this sense of place grounds me, allowing me to access a deep sense of spiritual connection. On the shoreline I stand small and connect with something vast and comforting; its constant change and reassuring permanence has the power to inspire and transform. I would like the viewers to feel immersed in the act of looking, to be transported to a place of refuge, of spiritual enrichment and clear-sightedness: and to feel the healing power of nature.

My work celebrates the delicate connection between humankind and the natural world. Time invested in consciously looking allows the vast scale and beauty of nature to lift the spirit, its rhythms and patterns to calm our scattered minds, and its vibrations to relax and restore.

Journey to the Show

I use the artist’s hand sparingly to bring an emotional interpretation rooted in authenticity, using light and delicate fabrics to emphasise the fragile relationship we have with nature, and its ever-changing transcendental beauty. Suspending the works lightly on fishing wire and hooks, I hope to capture the ethereal fluidity of a seascape. Working in inks, a specifically blue-toned palette, has allowed me to introduce a more emotionally expressive interpretation and a freedom which allows the water to determine its own outcome for the piece.

The pieces incorporate in text the thoughts and emotions which I experience in the moment, adding another layer of personal context. The sounds of sea and the light which dances portrayed through a projected video enrich the sensory experience I hope the viewers capture.

Our relationship with the natural world is both intricate and inescapable; if mankind is to play a more positive and mindful role in this fragile symbiotic relationship, perhaps we first need to consciously look at the world around us and really appreciate our connection to it. Perhaps then our souls will soar.