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My work is an expression of my lived experience through an interrogation of intuition, gesture, and the materiality of paint.

Themes and Inspirations

I find my creativity in natural landscapes, and find that allusions to natural imagery are unintentionally present in my work, raising questions about the role of consciousness, being, and intuition in the creation of art. There is a sense of ephemerality, light and movement in my paintings, inspired subconsciously by my experience of the world, and my practice aims to blur the boundaries between subject and object- artist and inspiration.

Fig (2024)
acrylic on canvas

Daughter (2024)
acrylic, oil pastel and pencil on canvas


At the core of my practice is an interrogation of the materiality of paint, and its interaction with the surface in creating the illusion of light. I utilise acrylic paint on unprimed canvas, often moving the canvas around as I work between the wall and floor.

In an exploration of the tension between intentionality, intuition, and chance, each painting is an emotional landscape that encapsulates a series of moments in time.

Undertow (2024)
acrylic, oil pastel and pencil
Traces (2024)
acrylic and pencil on canvas

My practice is a collaboration between myself and my medium: it is a process of reciprocal mark making, in which I work in layers, allowing the paint autonomy to move as it dries, and then responding to it.