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I am a Graphic Communication and Illustration graduate interested in branding, marketing, and UX and UI.

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Life in Full Colour

This year, Quitter’s Day is the day to #PlayOn

(D&AD New Blood Brief: Dirt is Good)

The Problem

Briton’s top New Year’s resolution for 2024 was the goal of doing more exercise, or otherwise improving their physical fitness. However, research shows that by the second Friday of January, the majority of Brits are likely to ditch these goals, with more than a quarter giving up just two weeks into the year. This is known as Quitter’s Day.

So what’s stopping them?

A 2023 study found that performance-obsessed sporting culture is putting 1-in-3 Brits off exercising. This intimidating exercise culture has left 42% feeling like a failure before they have even begun. Therefore, Briton’s mindset is holding back their motivation levels.

So what?

At Persil, we want the nation to shift their focus inwards to tap into intrinsic motivation, often more powerful and long-lasting than extrinsic. To play sports for the pure joy it brings, prioritising experiences over external pressures.

Life in Full Colour logo and summer event
The Solution

Persil presents, Life in Full Colour: a multi-phased event that reframes Quitter’s Day, making it a point from which people Play On.

Those who persevere after the Quitter’s Day activation will be able to build points on their app, as well as try new sports, join new clubs and interact with other community members. As a celebration of their resilience, users will earn their free ticket entry to the summer event through their own efforts; simply by playing on, recording and reflecting on their sporting experiences and memories.


Where mindfulness blooms
The Problem

In today’s fast-paced world, Generation Zs and millennials are more stressed than ever before. Research consistently highlights rising levels of stress, anxiety and burnout among these demographics. For instance, a 2023 study found that 46% of Gen Zs and 39% of millennials feel stressed or anxious all or most of the time.

A sense of escapism is therefore becoming increasingly important, as this research further highlights the need for these individuals to switch off from online activity to improve their mental well-being.

Kadōka logo
The Solution

Ikebana is the unique Japanese practice of flower arrangement – where blossoms, branches, leaves and stems are transformed into artistic materials. This centuries-old practice, born in Buddhist temples, has a close relationship with Zen philosophy and mindfulness practices.

Kadōka is a subscription-based service designed to offer this unique approach to flower arranging – emphasising balance, harmony and mindfulness. Sustainably curated boxes provide an extraordinary combination of Ikebana and mindfulness practices, enabling young adults to escape from the demands of everyday life, and seek a deeper sense of calm, creativity and connection.

Money Saving Expert: Launchpad

The Problem

A 2023 study found that in the UK, only 40% of young adults are financially literate. These low levels impact day-to-day decision-making, mental health and the individual’s ability to achieve their goals. Financial literacy is a crucial life skill, and is especially important for young people as they become financially independent and responsible for the first time.

Additionally, Gen Z are increasingly moving away from traditional banks and sources. They are looking to social media and TikTok for financial advice and understanding. But often what they see is dishonest and unreliable. Social media can be seen as more convenient, simple and engaging than the reliable sources through which they would have to navigate. Therefore, these young adults are trusting misinformation.

The Solution

The MSE Launchpad service is a platform that enables young adults to maximise clarity, confidence and productivity by outlining their goals, tracking their progress towards them and learning the relevant financial knowledge to help achieve those goals.

Launchpad offers a tailored and personalised approach to financial education, recognising that young adults may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to start when it comes to managing and understanding their finances. This centralised platform empowers users to define their financial goals and create actionable steps to turn them into reality.

Work Experience

Swisslog – 12 month Placement, working as an in-house Marketing Intern within a global team, where I gained a broad range of skills in various areas of Marketing and Design.