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Multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on motion design and branding. I enjoy crafting stories for brands and bringing them to life through motion.

Battle Blok

Battle Blok is a mobile game that bridges the intergenerational gap. Unfortunately, many grandparents feel lonely with 1-in-10 people over the age of 65 experiencing chronic loneliness. Battle Blok offers an inclusive gaming experience for people of all ages and allows everyone to stay connected with the ones they love.

Letter Litter

Letter Litter is an environmental campaign that explores the effect of litter in cities. The central piece of this campaign is an animated poem that uses imagery from cities and birds as a motif representing the harm litter is causing to wildlife. Accompanying the poem are live typographic billboards that reflect the damage caused by waste.

Dragon Brush

The Dragon Brush pen infuses Dragon’s Blood Resin, a revered Chinese substance, into the pen. I explored the uses and history of Dragon’s Blood Resin, a sap produced by the Dracaena Cinnabari tree. The Dragon Brush uses Dragon’s Blood to harness the power of the Dragon and ignite creativity.