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As a designer, with an interest in experience design, I enjoy engaging with meaningful and concept-driven projects. I'm excited to discover new opportunities that will help further my development as a designer.


GiffBack is my response to the 2024 giffgaff D&AD New Blood Brief

We all know things are getting more expensive, and that it is making life more difficult, which doesn’t help when your phone needs an upgrade. That’s why giffgaff is tapping into the UK’s love of second-hand and using that “network” to bring refurbished phones to the masses with the GiffBack campaign.


Unwind is a self-led university project

Unwind encourages its users to go outside and when outside be mindful to increase their wellbeing and help combat mental health problems. Unwind allows its users to feel supported with an experience that has all the right tools to improve their wellbeing.