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I am a hardworking and creative student with a bright personality, eager to develop my skills as a designer.

Get Up!

“Get Up!” is a time management game incorporated in an alarm app, designed to help its users who have issues waking up in the morning. Besides the usual options of snoozing or stopping the alarm, “Get Up!” offers the alternative of playing a 5-minute game in order to keep you up!

The level is complete when the time is up (the clock on the upper right). The customers are served by tapping on the desired item and then tapping again on the customer. After the completion of each level, several points are allocated to the player based on the score achieved by playing the level (bottom left). The points can be later used for character customisation.

Strong Culture

‘Strong Culture’ is a set of game cards created for dancers who want to develop and explore their skills in free-styling and choreography. The cards can be played either solo or with other dancers. It is composed of three sections: hip-hop dance foundation moves, rules, and emotions. There are no rules to this game, which means you can make it your own: from using random cards to choosing your own desired set of rules.

This is the hip-hop dance foundation moves pack

This is the rules pack

And this is the emotions cards pack

Each (pack) has a designated colour: yellow for the hip-hop dance foundation moves, pastel pink for the rules, and pink for the emotions.