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Multidisciplinary designer dedicated to advancing visual narratives through brand identity, video and 3D. My passion sits in an intersection of fashion, heritage and tactile design.

D&AD New Blood – Tackle the Twister

Tackle the Twister

Tackle the Twister is a one-day pop up challenge, offering our audience a chance to try and tackle a tongue twister in exchange for an ice-cream free-of-charge if they succeed in a single attempt. The event occurs on International Tongue Twister Day (10th of November).

This limited-time event crafts a community around Twister – provoking participants to flock to a specific location and test their skills, supporting each other when they lose and celebrating the victories. Participants are encouraged to share their results on social media using the hashtag #tacklethetwister

Boom Bloc – Climb the real thing

Boom Bloc

We are on the verge of a new revolution, as the high walls of traditional climbing gyms give way to the open sky of urban environments. However, hurdles loom big, deterring anyone who dare to stray beyond the bounds of approved paths.

Boom Bloc is the tactile bridge to urban rise. More than a device that navigates and logs your climbs, it’s a beacon of possibility – the key to unlocking a secret community of individuals looking to reach new heights in the city.