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A visionary, enthusiastic Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Digital Creator, I am a naturally creative individual with a keen interest for media, marketing and sport as well as an eye for detail when it comes to design.​​​​​​​


Branding Project (Group Project with Sascha Hewson)

Year 3, Semester 2

Skills: Illustration, Photography/Videography, Video design, Social Media design

GLP-1 utilises the distinctive characteristics of GLP-1, a hormone extracted from platypus venom which regulates blood sugar levels by stimulating natural insulin production to support the management of type 1 diabetes. Our unique brand provides cream, oil, and serum versions of our GLP-1 products to apply to the skin for improved simplicity, efficacy and discretion.

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Our Family Tree

Children’s Book

Year 3, Semester 1

Skills: Illustration, Typography, Advertisement/Marketing design

‘Our Family Tree’ is a children’s book about a squirrel who explores a tree, encountering diverse animal families and enjoying their individuality without order. Through nature and animals, it teaches inclusivity, with the tree representing a shared home for all. The curious squirrel character makes it appealing to young readers.

Squirrel character merchandise for children – drawstring bag, notepad, water bottle, stickers.