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Hello! I am passionate about bringing ideas to life through illustration and design, using vibrant colours and varied textures. I like to be hands-on throughout my design process, using the world and resources around me as inspiration.

Penguin Book Cover

Atomic Habits

The book is all about crafting your own identity through your habits. What stood out to me the most was how you should ‘be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it’.

My cover represents the formation of small changes coming together to transform your life, shown through collage and layers of texture.

This has been shortlisted for the Non-Fiction category of the award.


Coursework deadlines, exams and additional stressors have shown to elicit symptoms of burnout in many students, such as exhaustion, cynicism and loss of commitment.

Research has shown that engaging with a social and creative exercise can reduce these symptoms and allow people to feel less alone.

Firestarters aims to create this in-person and online community for students to re-ignite their flame and enjoy their university experience better.

The Main Event

Matchbox March

March is a key pain point for symptoms of burnout, due to recently receiving semester one grades, upcoming deadlines and exams, and loss of momentum following the time away.

Matchbox March comes to you at your university to join others in a pressure-free environment to bring back your spark.

Information on key concerns, such as time-management and creative block are targeted and students have the opportunity to create their own zine to use as a tool or simple activity to push them through to the end of the year.

Universal Music UK

Tune In

Everyone has different music taste, but we can all agree on how it is able to make us feel something.

Universal Music were looking for promotion and a re-brand for their UMusic Autumn event held for all UK staff members, so I decided to visualise the emotional journey that this event would take them on through music.

Bright colours and abstract shapes represent the new brand to ‘Tune In’ to and celebrate the power of music together.

Semester One

When Pig’s Fly

Encouraging thought and imagination, When Pig’s Fly follows two characters as they explore this idiom and what it means. Figurative language like this can be confusing during language development, so this children’s book aims to make it more exciting and poke fun at the phrases we have within our language.