British Basketball League Fantasy App

Since 2018 the BBL set out a plan to get self-funded by 2024. Roll on 6 years and they are still struggling for funding and this needs to change. With Fantasy style games for football reaching millions of users and getting them involved with football, I hoped the same would come from a Fantasy App dedicated to UK Basketball fans.

‘SuperSub’ Campaign for giffgaff

Problem: giffgaff want to be the go-to site for refurbished phones but how can we make people think of giffgaff when they think of getting a refurbished phone?

Solution: Everytime a substitute scores in a Premier League game, 5 lucky seats will be picked for free refurbished phone, all thanks to giffgaff. The Premier League brings millions of viewers, all watching on for that Super Sub goal.

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Stumps Cider

Group project for the Brand Opus Brief.

Trying to make cider ‘cool’ again, appealing to a diverse audience of cricket go-ers! Stumps showcases 3 brand new flavours for all the cider lovers, perfect while watching cricket in the sun.