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I am a graphic design student who loves combining my illustration with type and image to create vibrant fun and beautiful outcomes.

Self-Proposed Brief – Flora 
I produced a self-written and illustrated 12-page booklet and video, to educate Key Stage 2 children about wildflower meadows and pollination; the material explores the importance of wildflowers to not only their mental well-being, but also to their healthy gut flora and the planet. The project aims to encourage children to get back in touch with nature, to understand its value and to play among wildflowers. The education pack will include seed paper I have hand-made, to encourage children to plant new edible wildflowers and meadows at home and at school. 
Pearlfisher New Moon Brief – Luma 
I completed the Pearlfisher project by designing a speculative spa experience destination set in the future, that draws inspiration from the rare natural phenomenon of marine bioluminescence. Affluent individuals aged 18-34 will be transported from their everyday lives and escape to an enchanting restorative spa, situated amongst hushed woodland with the sea right on its doorstep. Advances in biotechnology enable the spa to be lit by nature’s eco-friendly bioluminescence with a water source fed by marine bioluminescence. To create the visuals, I combined my designed type and illustrations of microscopic marine plant algae and waves, with AI images generated by prompts that draw on 1930’s Art Deco Oceanic Modernism, woodland retreats and spa experiences.