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Hello, I’m Bridget and I am a multidisciplinary artist. My current work focuses on our non productive, repetitive routines, exploring patterns of behaviour that waste time.

To view my final installation online, please follow the link to my Instagram page.

Current Works in Progress and Prototypes

My outcomes which appear as works in progress, unfinished and temporary, reflect the potentially transient nature of our habits. I use kinetic art as a tool to engage and distract, creating purposeless repetition which reflects our behaviour.

The desire to involve the viewer as a participant, enabling them to encounter a sensory experience with contradictions and familiarity bringing for conversation and thought, has been a key factor when deciding how to design and create my outcomes.

Work Experience

The Workbench, Goldsmiths Centre, London

I have experience in vast areas of a multifaceted business alongside activities involved in jewellery design and manufacturing, from CAD, wax carving, making in metal, and polishing, to meeting clients, together with administration duties.