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I am an artist whose work is concerned with moving image and story telling.

This collage presents a collection of images taken from moving image series titled Journey (2024), which is on display at the Degree Show.

About My Practice

I utilise walking practices as a method for generating ideas. This positions me as a flaneur; a figure who captures a form of idly walking in the city with no specific destination, whilst taking pleasure in the act of walking and making observations on urban life. Using written records of my encounters, as well as photography when ‘flavouring’, I explore ideas of migration, the migrated experience, and hybrid identities. Consequently, audio and visual outcomes have been combined to create video essays and in doing so, forms of investigation are conducted through narratives that speak on personal and shared experiences, whilst also dealing with subject matter concerned with the social and political.

Art Show- Connecting Parallels

This exhibition was an artist led/curated exhibition hosted on the 24th-26th of April- The project was done in collaboration with myself, Sophia Chapman, Martha Jordan. Here, three of the artists’ videos were on display, which have now been updated and can be viewed at the Loughborough University Degree Show 2024.

CONNECTING PARALLELS was a group exhibition that explored the introspective nature of the human experience, framing it through others and our individual perceptions of the world around us – be it with photography, portraiture or spoken word.