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Hi, my name is Anaya, I have a love for illustration, art and body adornment. I am hoping to pursue a career as a Tattoo artist alongside other creative ventures.

Final project

Children’s picture book

Tarini’s Tattoo Tales

Tarini’s Tattoo Tales shows tattoos from a child’s perspective. There are three parts to my final year project, part one is an illustrated picture book story, part two is a colouring book and part three are temporary tattoo stickers. I have created the project in this way so that it is interactive for the readers and would be enjoyable for all involved, it could be used as a bonding activity between a parent and a child as well as a solo activity.

I wanted to create a book for both parents and their children which would show tattoos as fun and creative drawings that they can be. As someone with tattoos and who is surrounded by a community of people who love body adornments, I think it is important to have a tool which can be used to explain tattoos to children in a way they understand which will also allow them to feel involved.

Temporary tattoo sheets

Temporary tattoo sheets