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Loughborough University has guided me through 4 years of the various aspects of Graphic Design. Throughout these years I have grown to love creating campaigns, marketing and packaging design. These outcomes reflect of my hard work and dedication.


I have created Bloomaid to help support the elderly generation to fulfil their time in retirement with a new gardening challenge each month. This subscription-based service is designed to provide opportunities for social engagement with fellow elderly home members and engage in something this demographic is closely acquainted with – nurturing something other than themselves.

Bloomaids purpose is to allow elderly people to look after something, occupying their day with activities associated with great mental and physical attributes.


The brief for this competition brief was to Connect to Kraft Mac and Cheese to Gen Z in culture to show them that Kraft Mac and Cheese is more than a kids food brand.

My approach to this brief is by “Krafting New Moments” a campaign to festival goers to relive the past with KMC and create new memories as they enjoy the festival and the experience KMC is providing at the festival location.

Using social media interactions from Life360 festival attendees can track the truck’s location and get live updates for the chance to get their hands on some Kraft Mac and Cheese and an experience to remember.

With a further activation point users are given a 50% off voucher which can be redeemed at participating stores to offer a secondary opportunity to have Mac and Cheese and make it themselves and realise that it is not just for children and can be enjoyed at any age.