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I am a multidisciplinary designer with an interest in branding, illustration and motion graphics. My projects often relate to health, social design, and food. I am eager to enter the branding industry where I can expand my current skillset.



A baby’s hearing is most easily damaged by noise exposure in the third trimester. This causes Noise Induced Hearing Loss which is gradual and painless and once the hearing nerve is damaged it is permanent. Hearing loss creates hurdles which will impact the baby as it grows older. 


Pregnant mothers can prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss for their baby by making sure they are not regularly around noises over 85 decibels when the baby’s hearing starts to develop at 20 weeks old.


Decibaby is a reactive app which allows mothers to measure the noise levels of the environment they are in, notifying them if themself and their baby are in danger. The app has many features such as a logging page where you can monitor and log the sound levels you have recorded to notify doctors when you have an appointment. Users are also able to pin on a map safe and noisy places they come across, as well as sharing this on the community section with local mothers. Decibaby also offers postnatal support as the risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss doesn’t end once the baby is born. This app brings awareness to Noise Induced Hearing Loss and enables parents to ensure they are not putting their child in danger. 

The information tab offering support and advice to users
Community feature allowing pregnant users to share hazardous environments within their local area with other mothers
Social media and optional notifications
Decibaby flyers will be distributed within ‘Emma’s Diary’ packs given to expectant mothers
Decibaby stickers to show approved safe spaces and products
D&AD New Blood Competition Submission

Kraft Mac & Cheese – Kraft Fair

This D&AD competition brief was to connect American Gen Z in culture with Kraft Mac & Cheese through brand activation. The aim of the idea was to bring comfort to these young adults, which is one of Kraft Mac & Cheese’s main brand values.

My research showed that adults long to be kids again, with over half of American adults wishing they could re-live their childhood. I decided that my project was going to bring nostalgic comfort to this stressed-out bunch, with 71% of 18-29-year-olds agreeing that nostalgia is a source of comfort.

Introducing the Kraft Fair, a fairground pop-up featuring nostalgic rides that have been kraft-ified. Here the fun times of the past meet the comfort of the present.

For this submission I created a 2 minute long video detailing my campaign, please see the YouTube link below.

Other projects

To see in full please head to my portfolio website linked at the top of this page

Breakeven is a brand campaign in collaboration with Always which seeks to increase awareness of menstrual pain, aiming to bring about menstrual leave.

Sprout Season

Sprout Season is a seasonal campaign in collaboration with Tesco encouraging consumers to spruce up their sprout recipes and reduce waste.

Guide Dogs UK campaign

Through an illustrated animation I aim to engage individuals with distinctive visual characteristics to become Guide Dog puppy raisers and to raise a dog as extraordinary as they are.

Work experience

Diploma of Professional Studies

For my year within industry, I was a Graphic and Digital Design Intern at Loughborough University, working within a small in-house design team as part of the wider Marketing and Advancement department. This internship allowed me to develop my Adobe skillset, set up artwork for print, work within brand guidelines, put forward my ideas and present them to clients. I worked on countless briefs both print and digital, working with both static and moving graphics. Having worked in a professional setting I have further built my organisation and time management skills.