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Hi, I'm Charlie! I'm a Visual Designer specialising in UX/UI Design. I take pride in creating projects that are meaningful and strive to make them accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

D&AD New Blood Winner ✏️

Sky Verve

Imagine controlling your home with the power of a thought

Harnessing the technological advancements of neurological implants, Sky Verve bridges the gap left by quadriplegia. Connecting users to their Sky Home devices, individuals interact with their connected home via a thought. Sky Verve revolutionises accessibility, granting individuals the ability to navigate their environment, creating a new era of assistive technology.

This project was created in collaboration with Kaia Dendaluce.


Find safe spaces wherever you go

Shockingly, in the past decade 60% of London’s LGBTQ+ spaces have closed their doors. It’s becoming more difficult for the LGBTQ+ community to discover welcoming environments where they can openly be themselves and connect with others. Out&About is an app, alongside a poster and social media campaign, that aims to help members of the LGBTQ+ community in the UK to identify safe spaces around them. It aims to foster and build communities whilst supporting and protecting LGBTQ+ businesses and other businesses alike. 


The search for a pet to adopt can be a daunting experience, especially with the vast number of over 1000 organisations committed to rehoming pets. The sheer volume of pets available can make the process of finding the right one quite overwhelming. Homebound, a website that consolidates all pet insurance sites across the UK, simplifies the search for users by providing a centralised platform to explore a wide range of pets.


Opulentia was created in response to the Pearlfisher brief. Synesthesia is a phenomenon that affects approximately 4% of the global population, showcasing the rare ability to intertwine senses. Opulentia seeks to revolutionise this phenomenon. Through the fusion of LSD and an extravagant dining affair centred around a single hue, where every aspect influenced by that colour, Opulentia strives to offer affluent individuals an unparalleled sensory journey.