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Specialising in printed textile design, I have a passion for creating bold and intricate fabrics for fashion. Using both digital and traditional methods of print.

Final Project

Venomous Blossoms

“Looks like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t,”

Macbeth – William Shakespeare

“Venomous Blossoms” is an Autumn/Winter collection that encapsulates the allure and deadly potency of poisonous flowers. It is a celebration of resilience and strength, honouring the spirit of women throughout history who have utilised deadly flowers in their quest for personal freedom. Finding familiarity within these dangerous plants. Acknowledging that within their delicate fa├žade lies a garden teeming with toxin and peril.


The foundation of my project rests upon the research and first hand experience at Alnwick Gardens, Poison Garden. Whilst here I was able to get photography and initial sketches of the plants, focusing on their structure, form and colour. The guides provided me with tonnes of historical and scientific information.

Historical information was a major part of my project as well. The plants had a lot of dark history. Stories such as, Giulia Tofana using Belladonna to help wives stuck in abusive marriages. Additionally the short story, Rappuccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, was a beautiful story highlighting the pure danger of the plants and exemplified the lengths in which individuals would go for personal freedom.


As the project evolved, experimentation became important for capturing the right aesthetic. The project began with plain botanical illustrations, however I later moved onto embracing the darker, more sinister aspects of the subject matter. Processes involved, screen printing, hand painting fabrics and screens, dyeing processes like dip dye, flocking onto Organza and repeat patterns. One clear aspect I had to consider through these processes is colour. The colour palette was originally taken from nature itself and later refined to embody a gothic, vampy aesthetic, evoking sense of mystery and allure.

Screen Printing

Studio View

Hand painting with acids onto screen

Result of hand painting

Collection Planning

Previous Work

My previous projects range in concepts but all have high end fashion in mind. Creating beautiful, striking pieces that never blend in.

Work Experience

River Island – Visual Merchandiser/Team Member. December 2019 – Present

Lielle Womenswear – Studio Assistant September 2022 – mid November 2022

Ferryhill School – Teaching Assistant Mid November – May 2023