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I am a dedicated mixed media textile student with a deep passion for handcrafted textiles. My work focuses on exploring rich textures and intricate details, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design to create unique and tactile pieces.


I have always cherished the simple pleasure of walking, yet during the winter months, the shorter days and often miserable weather can make it more challenging to venture out regularly, sometimes resulting in waves of seasonal depression. Motivated by my deep affection for a beloved local family walk in The East Riding of Yorkshire, I’ve chosen to centre my project theme around nature and the great outdoors while countering the effects of the winter blues. With this insight, I set out to design a meditation space dedicated to enhancing well-being. I ensured that each colour selected created a sense of positivity and calmness, ensuring that each shade also contributed to a visually pleasing ambiance. Additionally, I emphasized the use of tactile qualities and natural materials to further enhance the meditative experience. Incorporating elements such as natural wood, stone, and soft textiles, I aimed to create a space that not only appeals to the visual senses but also engages touch, creating a deeper connection to nature. These materials were chosen for their innate ability to bring warmth and grounding to the environment, essential for creating a therapeutic haven.