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I am a MMT student exploring the intersection between textiles, design, and architecture.

Concrete Need, Concrete Greed

Shelter is one of the most fundamental building blocks of our existence. If executed successfully, housing schemes have the potential to exist as the epitome of community, providing opportunities to form valuable connections and facilitate exposure to a variety of cultures. Living harmoniously under one roof was something post war architects strived to implement, intending to redefine Britain, and heal the wounds of war. Instead of progression, injustice has become further rooted into the UK housing system, with a social housing shortage, affordability crisis and government cuts. The number of empty homes in London has risen to its highest level since 2010, allowing us to question why greed is exceeding need.  

This project explores post war social housing, specifically focusing on tower blocks and council estates located in East London. Perception is vital when defining a home, with lived experiences, comfort, relatability, and familiarity all possessing the ability to shape one’s outlook on a home. What qualities do a space possess for it to be considered warm and inviting?  

The collection celebrates materials in their most raw and natural form, incorporating gritty unglazed ceramics, smoke fired embellishments, and various distressed fabrics. Embracing unpredictability has heavily informed my practice and my final outcomes.

Journey to the Show

Ceramic final piece construction process, combining slab building techniques and extruding


Semester 1 Work

Throughout time, objects and artefacts have been used to replicate memories, serve as reminders, and hold significance in reinforcing the idea of connectivity. This project is a collection of multi-use ceramics, laser cut fabrics and unconventional materials that will be used to furnish rooms within a co-living space that encompass togetherness.

3 piece stoneware candelabra
Visualising final pieces in a co-living space
Laser cut and etched cardboard recipe box
Digitally printed and laser cut tablecloth inspired by Cypriot lace
Multi use portable mat